Mixed Media

"Turning Tide"
"The Spanish Lady"
"Seafoam and Sandy Toes"
"Kingsbridge Estury"

My wide range of skills and interest in texture has led me to explore and use materials in my paintings to create the depth and effects I want to portray. 

"Golden Discordence"
"Sunset over Kimmeridge Bay"

My mixed media artworks combine traditional media like oil, watercolour and acrylic paints with materials such as metal leaf, pigments and plaster (gypsum and lime). 


I enjoy studying nature and animals. I use a range of drawing and painting techniques including ink, pencil and watercolour. I use these as a foundation for my mixed media work, as it helps me to focus on how to create the texture and express the subject close up.

"Passing Through"
"Leader in Brixham"
"I'm not talking to you!"
"Trio of Long Tailed Tits"

I teach drawing and painting in my local area, South Devon, these are some of the examples and subjects I cover with my students.

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