It may seem like a complicated or daunting idea, but commissioning a piece of art really doesn’t have to be intimidating!

I will guide you through the process and keep you informed in each step of the way, so we can complete a piece that you’ll love. 

Why Commission a piece of art?

  • Firstly, It’s the ideal way to get a bespoke piece, just as unique as you! Why settle for something “off the peg” when you can have something personal… 
  • It gives you the option to truly get a piece that fits what you want, be it size, colour scheme or budget.

Why Choose Me?

  • I enjoy the process of working with the client, the collaboration of ideas and the chance to make something I might not have thought to make if left to my own imagination!
  • I am an experienced mixed media artist, craftsperson and teacher, with a wide range of qualifications and experience within the creative industry – from decorative paint effects and gilding to glass making and plasterwork. You can find out more from my Artist CV.
  • I have successfully undertaken a number of commissions, both for commercial and private clients, in the UK and abroad.

More Questions? – See my FAQs or Message Me

Recent Commission Pieces

South Carolina

Dalmation Coast

Thatcher's Rock at Dawn

My Commission Process - 6 simple steps:

  1. Contact Me! I’ll send you some questions and we’ll have a chat. No obligation!
  2. Design Brief and Deposit.  We’ll discuss things in more detail, and once we have agreed the basics of the piece, I’ll send you a “Design Brief”. This outlines the details we’ve discussed, costs and the estimated time scale for the piece. Once this is has been signed, and your 30% (non-refundable) deposit paid, work can begin on the final design.
  3. Design Process. I will draw up sketches based on the  agreed Design Brief. This will help you to visualise the layout of the piece and to make any revisions or additions before I put “brush to canvas”
  4. The Artwork. When you are happy with the design I will commence work on the final piece of art. I will keep you up to date at the stages of the process – so you can see your art come to life!
  5. Completion. I will send you a picture of your piece once it is complete, for your approval. We will then arrange the final details regarding payment & delivery.
  6. Enjoy! I hope that you will love your bespoke artwork, and will send me a photo of it in it’s new home!

Commission FAQs  ~ Commission T&Cs