What is an art commission?

An art commission is when an artist is asked to create a bespoke piece of work for a client.

Why commission a piece of art?

Commissions are a great way to have a piece of art tailored and created just for you! 

Who can commission a piece of art?

I am happy to work with individuals or businesses

For individuals, there may be a place that has special significance to you or a loved one, and this is a way of creating something truly personal.

Businesses may require something bespoke to their company and just can’t find the right piece of art, a commission is an ideal way to bridge this gap.

Why does a commission cost more than one that is “ready made”?

The simple answer is because it is a personal service and interactive creative process.

With a commission, you will be involved in the process of the design. You will be able to choose the size, I will draw up a brief and contract, send drawings for approval etc., all of which adds time and additional materials into the process.

A “ready made” piece is one that is purely created from my own image/direction and choice of subject.

How long does it take to complete a commission piece?

This is dependant on a number of factors, because every request and piece is bespoke, I cannot give you an exact timeline here. 

If you have a deadline in mind (eg. a birthday or anniversary), please let me know and I will do my best to work within your schedule.

When we discuss your requirements I can give you a better idea of the time it will take to complete. Some things that will affect the length of the commission process are:
Size: As you would expect, a large piece will take a lot longer to complete than a small one
Detail: If you require a painting with a lot of detail and complexity, then this too will add time to the process
Revisions: If you would like me to create a selection of different options for you to choose from, or you would like to change the brief, it will naturally add time to the process

Can I commission a piece similar to one of your pieces that has sold?

I always respect a previous piece of art, and the client or commissioner, and so I would never seek to duplicate a commissioned piece directly. My creative process and the materials I use also mean that although I am able to make a piece based on a theme I have previously used, exact replication could be difficult.

What size painting can I commission?

Anything you like!
Please bare in mind that novel shapes and sizes of canvas or artist’s board will mean additional costs.

How does the commission process work?

The basic steps in my commission process for cartographic artworks are as follows:
1. Contact Me. Email me with a brief description of what you would like. We can then discuss the options and come up with a project outline.
2. Contract and Deposit. Once we have laid down the basics of what you would like in writing, I will send you a brief outline, costs and the estimated time scale for the piece. Once this is has been signed, and your deposit paid, work can begin.
3. Design. I will draw up a sketch for you to clarify the layout, colours and any specific details you have requested before the actual artwork commences. This can help you to both visualise the piece and to make any revisions and additions before I put “brush to canvas”
4. The Artwork. When you are happy with the design I will commence work on the final piece of art.
5. Completion. I will send you a picture of your piece once it is complete, and we will arrange the final details regarding delivery. I will require the final payment and any delivery charges to be paid before the artwork is sent.

Can you post samples to me?

Yes, this is something we can do during the design phase if you require. I tend to do this process via email, but I also understand that it may help you to decide on colours, textures or combinations if you see the materials in person. This would be subject to additional costs for creation and postage.

How will the artwork be packaged?

It will be packaged flat, with materials suited to the size, weight and substrate of the piece, with care taken to reinforce and protect the face and edges.

How will the artwork be delivered to me?

Delivery will be via a relevant delivery service to the destination. This will be of the client’s choosing, if they have a preference, but the default is via Royal Mail/ ParcelForce, on a signed for and insured service.
If you are local to my area and would like to collect the piece in person – in person delivery is something we can arrange.

Will you ship outside of the UK?

Yes! I have sent a number of pieces to the USA as well as within the UK, so as long as there is a postal service, we can ship to you. 

How much will it cost to post the artwork to me?

Postage costs will be calculated according to destination and size of the artwork. I prefer to calculate these costs on completion of the final artwork, as the size and weight affects the price with some carriers. 

We cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage during transit, so it is highly recommended that the parcel service selected is adequately insured. 

How and when do I pay?

All payments should be made in GBP.

Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment. I can also accept Paypal and card payments, by arrangement, and these are subject to a 5% transaction fee. 
I cannot accept cheque payments.

I require a 30% deposit upfront, before commencement of the commission. This is non-refundable. The remaining amount can either be paid in full before delivery or via scheduled payments (by prior agreement only). 

Are there any additional costs or taxes to pay?

Delivery charges are the only additional costs within the UK. Prices are not subject to VAT.

Please be aware that some destinations outside of the UK are subject to import duties or sales taxes. The client is responsible for payment of these.

Why do I need to sign a contract?

A contract serves as a commitment to undertake the outlined service and is an ideal way to sum things up before any work begins, giving peace of mind to both the client and the artist. 

It should be signed by both parties prior to work starting. It is also helpful to show that we clearly understand what has been agreed and what the quoted cost includes or doesn’t include.

All contracts of work and sales are subject to English Law.

Why do you require a deposit?

It is standard practice to ask for a deposit to commission artwork. This is non-refundable and is a payment for time spent on designing your piece and towards buying the required materials to commence the final piece. 

Will I get to see how my piece is progressing?

I will keep you up to date with the time scale and progression of the piece. If you require visual updates during the process, I can send photographs via email at the most relevant stages.

Can I share this on Social Media?

I like to post images of my work on my social media pages as this is an important part of the promotion of my art. Commissioners will remain anonymous, but if you would like me to tag you in these posts so that you can share the excitement of your piece unfolding, just let me know! 

If for any reason you require the commission or it’s process to remain completely private and confidential, please notify me at the start of the commission.

What if I want to change something once you have started?

No need to worry – if we are still in the design phase, we can build any changes in as a revision.

If I have started on the final piece, we can pause and go back to the design phase. Please note that this will add time to the process, moving the completion date back, and may also incur additional costs.

What if I want to cancel my commission?

Please tell me as soon as possible via email or telephone.

In the following situations, this is what will happen:
If you have not signed a contract, or paid a deposit: There will be no charge.
If we have begun the design process: Deposits are non-refundable and there will be no further charge.
If the final artwork has begun: Deposits are non-refundable. The artist has the right to complete the artwork and sell it at their own discretion, with the client having no claims against it.

The client must not use or reproduce any images they have been sent during the commissioning process, as they remain the property of the artist at all times.